Rescued Boko Haram Captive Reveals Leah Sharibu’s Location

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Rescued Boko Haram Captive Reveals Leah Sharibu's Location

A 22-year-old nurse identified as Jennifer Ukambong, who was held in captivity for about one month by Boko Haram terrorist group, says Leah Sharibu is currently located somewhere around Lake Chad.

Naija News reports that the rescued Boko Haram captive said this when she returned to Jos on Saturday after her release on Thursday, where her return was being celebrated by her relatives, friends, and well-wishers.

Miss Ukambong Sharibu said Leah Sharibu is being treated well in captivity and had grown fatter than she was when abducted.

The rescued Boko Haram captive said that the ruthless terrorists followed the precepts of the Qur’an when dealing with their captives and were therefore kind towards her and other abductees.

Her words: “They ( Boko Haram) told us it was against the Qur’an to forcefully touch a woman not legally married to you.

“They, however, tried to prepare our minds to expect such should they decide to keep us as slaves.

“According to them, the Qur’an gives them the right to such privileges when they take a hostage as slave,” she added.

Speaking further, Miss Ukambong mentioned that Mrs. Alice Ngaddah, Miss Grace Taku and Leah Sharibu who are still held captives by Boko Haram were all “doing fine in the forest.”

The rescued Boko Haram captive confirmed this on her two visits to Alice Ngaddah’s house in the forest, whose name has been changed to Halima, stating that she was told that Leah was alive and well, and had grown fatter.

Her words: “Alice, in fact, told us that she (Leah Sharibu) is fatter than she was when she was abducted. We went to her house (in the forest) twice

“Yes, she (Sharibu) has a house there…I don’t know the location but they say it is close to Lake Chad,”

“She told us to pray for her and the other two, that she has left everything to God,” she opined.

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